A portrait of two clonns

New Playable Races

The whimsical clonn can be found everywhere across The Forgotten Realms. You can find them delighting and dazzling banquet halls and leading modest lives on farmsteads. You'll find them performing silently on stages and swigging sparkling sweetwater at local festivals. You might even find them in your nightmares.
Meanwhile in the Underdark, the rhythm has shifted. The tula, a race of spiders, try to make sense of their Lolth-granted sentience while gnolls everywhere fight to stave off Yeenoghu's hypnotic call.

Five New Subclasses

There will always be people who push the limits of their craft, settling into a niche that is uniquely theirs. Sir House shares his observations of adventurers who have done just that.

  • Bardic College of Culinary: Delight and entertain with a gourmet meal!
  • Ranger Conclave: Mind-Trapper: Ensnare your victims with insidious mind games.
  • Monastic Tradition: Way of the Caretaker: for those who like to serve and protect.
  • Roguish Archetype: Merchant: Your silver tongue is mightier than your silver dagger.
  • Residual Sorcerous Origin: You get your magic from the hard work and determination...of your parents.
A bard chef That Looks Like Guy Fieri
A wereshark pirate captain

Rules and Options for Playable Lycanthropy

Language is evolving; lycanthropy isn't just for wolves anymore! Werecreatures of all kinds walk, swim, and fly among us in The Forgotten Realms. Sir House details their stories and struggles in this section of the book.
In addition to existing werecreatures, Sir House offers his observations on weresquids, wereoctopi, weresharks, and werewasps.

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Magic Items, House Rules, and More!

  • New Magic Items for your players to bogart.
  • New Spells for doing more with magic (for example: not killing someone with it).
  • Quick and flavorful Enemy Customization Options for easier encounter crafting.
  • Sir House's Hot Tips for Throwing Rocks at your foes (working title).

Magical items, including a loose zipper, a spellbook, and an ornate shovel