Sir House Portrait

Sir House

Vladislav Sir House is a scholarly fellow hailing from Barovia, Barovia. Life is hard in his country, especially for someone exposed to wereraven lycanthropy at a young age. Lycanthropy, thankfully doesn't completely obstruct one's aptitude for learning, and so Sir House led an early life of seclusion and voracious reading. During this time he developed his self-taught talent for powerful, illusory magic.

After several non-trivial trials and tribulations, Sir House escaped the Demiplane of Dread for Faerûn, where he enjoyed a world tour under a bright and shining sun. He trekked from populace to populace, meeting people and recording the finer details of their lives. Sir House was naturally drawn to those like him: people just discovering who they were, feeling lost, or being othered by society. They graciously shared their experiences with him, and now Sir House works tirelessly to dispell any further illusions surrounding who they are.

If he isn't taking down notes or blathering about his observations, Sir House can be found with his beak deep in some other (non-fiction) literature.